Lagos Sanitation Day Cancellation: megacities, economies and environmental choices.

Lagos State, Nigeria’s megacity, has for decades enforced a three-hour lockdown for citizens to embark on a sanitation exercise in their households and environments. Despite the obvious environmental impact (as well as indirect social impact) of this activity, the state… Continue Reading →

First NFELTP Conference shall be accessible digitally, just follow #NFELTPX16 on social media

The Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme (NFELTP)  was established in October 2008 to develop a self-sustaining institutionalized capacity to train public health leaders in field epidemiology and field-oriented public health laboratory practice, and to provide epidemiological services to… Continue Reading →

The Roles of Stakeholders in the Control of Lassa Fever

On Wednesday 13th January, the Minister of Health of Nigeria, Prof. Adewole Isaac announced the appointment of Prof. Michael Asuzu as the head of the Ministerial expert committee on Lassa Fever. The committee will embark on a fact-finding mission, assess the current… Continue Reading →

2016 Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria shows a surge in fatality

3 ways to coin the headlines when Ebola transmission ends.

‘Ebola Free’ as a term has occurred in the media alongside WHO’s declaration to mark end of Ebola transmission 42 days after last human case tests negative for Ebola Virus in affected countries.  Ebola Free status is achieved ONLY when there… Continue Reading →

The last case of Ebola in the world has been discharged

The last set of contacts are out of quarantine, the final case of Ebola has been discharged, the world can start a countdown. The last case of Ebola is an infant who tested positive of Ebola at birth; which is… Continue Reading →

TWITTER CHAT: On ‘Ebola Free’ Sierra Leone (Lessons, Implications & Next Steps)

WE MOVED THE TIME:   Sierra Leone will be declared ‘Ebola Free’ on Saturday. This is a great milestone for humanity, Africa, West Africa and the entire people of the country. The country had a total of 14,089 cases out… Continue Reading →

HANDWASHING MARKETPLACE: Connecting Nigerian Marketplaces to Proper Handwashing, Making them Hubs for Disease Control

Most public handwashing campaigns are targeted at children. This is important because of the evidence for the effectiveness of handwashing in reducing preventable diseases in under-5 children. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, however, highlights again why handwashing awareness is… Continue Reading →

Opportunities for Africa beyond the digital deadline: EbolaAlert Intervention as a case study

The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa created an environment that necessitated the creation of EbolaAlert that applied new media technologies for several purposes but evidently reporting, and citizen’s engagement. It currently passes as a case study for how Africans can… Continue Reading →

Interim guidance: Ebola virus disease in pregnancy: Screening and management of Ebola cases, contacts and survivors

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just published an important Interim Guidance which is targeted at health workers providing care for Ebola in pregnancy. According to the global agency, “there is no evidence to show that women who survive Ebola virus disease… Continue Reading →

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