June 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] Global Readiness for MERS Coronavirus Outbreak: Focus on Vulnerable Countries

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#MERSChat Conversation On Global Readiness for MERS Coronavirus Outbreak: Focus on Vulnerable Countries

As more countries continue to battle the current #MERS outbreak it becomes important for countries and their citizens to continue to review their preparedness plans for communicable diseases outbreaks as earlier prompted by Ebola last year. While, evidently via media… Continue Reading →

It is evening in a city somewhere in West Africa when Rita and Kunle follow the breaking news on TV about Ebola virus that is spreading from Guinea to other countries. They want to protect their communities but they don’t… Continue Reading →

Living with a Viral Villian

West Africa and indeed the world is approaching Zero Ebola Cases. But there are a whole lot of issues that need to approach zero before we can begin to rejoice. Chief of them is the acute stigmatization that Ebola Survivors… Continue Reading →

Is Money All that is needed to Stop Ebola?

You know the popular saying, ‘Money can’t buy happiness’? How about ‘Money can’t but love’, or ‘Money can’t buy good health’? Over time, people have filled in the blanks on this popular statement and with good reason. It’s because monetary… Continue Reading →

Zero Ebola Cases – A Checkpoint, Not a Destination

As the world races to achieve Zero Ebola Cases, international agencies and donor organizations working with affected countries may have to shift their focus from the number of Ebola cases to the aftermath of Ebola – psychologically, economically, socially and… Continue Reading →

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