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What did you do differently this week? While you spent the week flowing with work, the world was zooming to another level in the race towards global health security.

This week, Nigeria is proud to host its first Joint External Evaluation (JEE) Assessment. In previous practice, countries would conduct a self-assessment of their capacities to prevent, detect and respond to disease outbreaks. But the last West Africa Ebola outbreak exposed the flaws of this methodology.

The JEE allows countries:

  • identify the most urgent needs within their health security system
  • engage with current and prospective donors and partners to target resources effectively
  • prioritise opportunities for enhanced preparedness, to response and action.

As we await the full report of the evaluation from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), you can get some valuable insights from our interview with a member of the External Assessor team. Don’t thank us yet, there is more.

We can’t get enough of the blessings this season brings- the Muslims are rounding up their fast, the #Olowogbororo was chanting nightly praise, and social media was awake with news of the Cholera outbreak identified in some parts of Nigeria.

Here are proofs that sleeves are rolled up as #CholeraResponse trails the online community:

Did you know that Nigeria has the highest number of unimmunized children? This was stated by the Director-General, Dr Faisal Shuaib of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) as he captained an open media interactive forum, with the objective of strengthening accountability and transparency in the activities of the agency.


It is a quarterly meeting and we hope that at the next quarter, there will be immeasurable improvements in the health indices.

This week was an insightful roller coaster of events but it doesn’t stop until the work is done. We leave you with this statement by Dr Faisal Shuaib of The National Primary Healthcare Development Agency:


When was the last time you visited a Primary Healthcare Centre? Let’s know in the comment box.

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