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As more countries continue to battle the current #MERS outbreak it becomes important for countries and their citizens to continue to review their preparedness plans for communicable diseases outbreaks as earlier prompted by Ebola last year.

While, evidently via media requests, the global attention on Ebola is dropping; we believe lessons learned from Ebola are not totally out of place as cues for MERS prevention and response tools. We believe it makes Health Communications planning sense to pivot around Ebola and commence community support.

EbolaAlert will be hosting #MERSChat with the theme: Conversation On Global Readiness for MERS Coronavirus Outbreak: Focus on Vulnerable Countries. Our focus on Vulnerable Countries is so that the world does not plunge into another equivalent mess as Ebola.

We hereby invite you to join us in the conversation which is scheduled for:

Tuesday 23rd June, 2015

6:00pm (GMT+1)

On Twitter via @EbolaAlert and join the #MERSChat

We will be most glad to have your participation.

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