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Ebola Alert- Health Alliance

Left to Right: Dr Dayo Osholowu (Interim COO, Ebola Alert), Dr Muntaqa Umar Sadiq (Private Sector Health Alliance), Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate (former Minister of State for Health in Nigeria), Dr. Lawal Bakare (CEO, Ebola Alert), Mrs. Foresythe Ajoke (Office Manager, Ebola Alert), Mr. Obasan Jide (Web/Apps Manager, Ebola Alert) 

If you’re still thinking that SocialMedia is only about networking or that technology is only for the geeks, then brace yourself for surprises.

On 18th of February, Ebola Alert leadership met with Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, former Minister of State for Health, Nigeria and co-chair of the Private Sector Health Alliance to discuss how Ebola Alert can collaborate with the PSHA to deploy Ebola Alert technologies in solving wider social and health issues.

In attendance at the meeting were Dr. Muntaqa Umar Sadiq, Dr. Lawal Bakare (CEO, Ebola Alert), Dr. Oshowolu Dayo (Interim COO, Ebola Alert), Dr. Odedere Ifeoluwapo (Content Manager, Ebola Alert), Mrs Foresythe Ajoke (Helpline Manager, Ebola Alert) and Mr Obasan Jide (Web/Technology Manager, Ebola Alert).

Countries and organizations need to be able to leverage on technology and the social media if they are to solve the health and social challenges of the 21st Century. The two organizations will be meeting in the coming weeks to finalize concrete steps towards the collaborative deployment of the technologies.

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